Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Are you a thoughtful person???

I don't mean are you a kind and considerate person. I mean do you think about things? Do you love to ask questions? Are you curious? Do you love to read for pleasure? Are you imaginative?

I am concerned that too many people nowadays are not that thoughtful. Our attention spans have been reduced to the point where a 30 second television advertisment doesn't really hold our attention unless something shockingly entertaining happens. Are we entertaining ourselves to death?

Here is a graph produced by the Killian & Company Ad Agency. Think about the questions I posed under the graph.

Read about how the Killian and Company ad agency uses knowledge of short attention spans to their advantage.


Billy J said...

I agree! In children and teens, it might be that they don't like asking questions, or speeking in front of a group!

Mary said...

i think that it really depends on the topic. if i'm interested in something i can pay attention to it and actually remember it, but if it is something i don't really care about and i don't think it will really apply to my life, i don't pay attention.

Aaron said...

well i do think people have less attention spans because they are bored. there is nothing to do but sports and watch tv. ( i have an extremely long attention span, i can stare at a seiling for hours.)
especialy when im grounded.