Thursday, January 31, 2008

Project Citizen--Is it over?

Now that the Project Citizen presentations are over it is time to reflect on our experience. Here are some thoughts that students had:

What did our class do well--
"Our class provided plenty of research and detail on the imortant fact given. From our problem statement to action plan; we always had research backing (our position), which also limited questions from the panel"

"We researched ourproject well and didn't leave any part out. We even researched problems that might occur during our policy"

"We were able to back up all of our information with research and I think that made a huge difference"

"All of our answers were very specific and did not leave anything left unanswered"

"In the beginning of practicing speeches, we weren't very good. Over time though, I thought we got better each time"

"Everyone was very serious about being on stage in front of important people"

Project Citizen is about the process and not the end result. What that means is the learning is never over. If a water policy would be enacted, then what? Does that mean that your job is done. As a citizen we all need to take the responsibility to make our communities better. It can be done through volunteering, but it can also be done at the local policy level. Project Citizen has hopefully taught the lessons of how to make real change in a community. Through organization, research, and knowledge ordinary citizens can make a huge difference. Another value that needs to be emphasized is persistence, because change usually takes time. How persistent are we? Will we use what was learned in Project Citizen to become more responsible citizens? Is the Project over?


Mr. T said...

doing this project has taught me to be more involved in the community, and tat there are problems in Derry Township and that you can make a difference in your community.

Fay said...

I think that we did a really good job before and after the presentation and I have realized that there more problems that I really did not know about until now.
Good Job Everyone!!!!!

Fay A.

Ryan said...

It tought me to speak in front of my peers which is something that we all have to do in high school in most if not all of our classes. it also tought me to peer edit which is good for again high school because then we can edit each other and get a better grade on essay assaingnement.

Emily said...

This project taught me to be serious always and that hardwork definitely pays off. Throughout the whole process we seemed to be off topic and not very focused, but in the end we pulled through and it all worked out.

Billy J said...

I think we should continue this out of school, to show that we really want this to work! -Billy J.

Allie said...

I don't think that project citizen is ever over, but this period of time has showed us that throughout our lives, there is no reason we can't make changes in our community. If you strongly believe in something, you should do something about it because after all, it is your life and your community.

Britt said...

This project has taught me that if you get involved in your community you can make a big difference.

michael said...

over the course of the project i learned that there are many problems in our community that need takin care of

AbAtt said...

This is a great post with super comments. I commend you and the students for your participation in PC and in your knowledge that the rights and privileges of citizenship do not exist independently of the duties that accompany them.

Best regards with much encouragement from a District Director also engaged and participating in Tennessee.

Mary said...

Project Citizen is never really over. Whether we like it or not, there will always be problems in our community, wherever we live. Our job isn't to sit around complaining, but to actually go out to the government officials and make a difference. This project has taught me that ANYONE can have a voice in their community.