Wednesday, June 16, 2010

American Civil War Augmented Reality

I have a serious request...Please check out the American Civil War Augmented Reality proposal and comment your honest critique of the proposal. ACWAR is the brainchild of history teacher and technology enthusiast Jeff Mummert (check out Mummert's Hershey Before Hershey website).

With guidance and support this proposal can become a reality.

So, what do you think?


jkies said...

This looks like a phenomenal learning tool! I think the stationary devices would get people thinking, and it's a great stepping stone. I would definitely support something like this, and would be interested to see sites all over the U.S. represented. I do have one, small, constructive, criticism about the presentation...fix the slides with too many words. They're hard to read when they fall on the bottom banner.

Mr. T said...

Thanks for the feedback. I forwarded your suggestion to Jeff. He said that he will look at redoing the amount of words.