Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Revolution in Learning

I have learned more in the past year than in any year of my life.

One year ago today:
  • I did not blog...I just thought about a bunch of stuff
  • I did not use Google Reader...I used my computer's bookmarks to read a few websites
  • I did not use Delicious...I saved everything for my eyes only
  • I did not use rss feeds...I didn't even know what they were???
  • I did not have an online professional learning network...I learned from only a few teachers I worked with on a daily basis
  • I use blogs to reflect, share, and simply to think
  • I use Google Reader as a continuously updated and personalized magazine
  • I use Delicious to organize, share, and view websites tailored to my interests
  • I use rss feeds to passively search for topics of interest to me
  • I use my blogroll, Delicious, Classroom2.o Ning, HarrisburgU Ning, MiddleTrojan Ning, Diigo, LinkedIn, and Twitter as engines that connect me to passionate learners from around the world
I do find myself on the computer more, but most of the time it is either replacing or supplementing the boobtube. It is also obvious to me that I am more restless when I have to be a passive observer. This restlessness is most apparent when I sense my time is being wasted and my input is not valued.
  • Are we wasting our students' time?
  • Do we value their input?
This revolution in learning is driven by technology, but is only realized by curious individuals who value knowledge.
  • Are we teaching students to be curious?
  • Are we teaching students to value knowledge?
If so, great!!!
If not, why not?

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