Monday, May 26, 2008

Skills, not content

When reflecting on what was learned this year it is my hope that students consider the non-content related things they may have learned. My last post was dedicated to the content that was taught, but that is only part of what I was trying to teach this year. How about skills? Not the type of skills that Napoleon Dynamite was referring to, but real skills that will help students be successful citizens and students. Here is an outline of the most important skills we worked on:


  1. wikis (American Revolution project, Project Citizen wikis, Wikipedia)
  2. blogs (Class Scribe, Debate This!, Final Project)
  3. Google (Gmail, Reader, News, Groups, Blogger)
  4. Delicious--social bookmarking
  5. Animoto

Be able to apply these resources to real learning by communicating and collaborating more effectively


  1. researching local issues
  2. identifying local officials
  3. preparing presentation (binder, poster board, wiki)
  4. public presentation to public officials

Understand that you have a role to play as a citizen, and how to effectively play that role

Writing and Thinking

  1. Summarizing (Cornell Note taking Method, gist statement, mini-saga)
  2. Supporting a point of view (Moodle Discussion forums, Blog comments, Debate This! posts)
  3. Challenging a point of view
  4. Cause and Effect (unintended consequences of public policies, Causes of Civil War)

Be able to make sense of the world around you by understanding information presented to you in written and oral form

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