Friday, December 14, 2007

Field Music - In Context

This is an amazing video by the British band Field Music, that reminds me that if we take too narrow a view on life and fail to take a step back to see the big picture, then things won't make sense and seem disconnected.

For Project Citizen we need to constantly remind ourselves what our mission statement and goals are so that the individual assignments building up to the final group presentation stays on target with the "big picture" of the Project. At the end of the project all of our hard work sifting through research and interviewing people will pay off when we present our policy proposal.


Mary said...

Wow! that's pretty cool Mr. T. who's the song by? i didn't really hear the words to the song very well, but the picture is awesome. Whoever did that is an amazing artist. :)

Mr. T said...

The band's name is Field Music. I'll put a link to wikipedia in the post.

beowulf45 said...

They should put, a video of that in a meuseum on a little stand that people can put on those headphones and listen to it. (Like in Philly!)