Monday, September 21, 2009

Learning Success Wiki

Teaching the skills that students REALLY need to be successful is getting a little easier with the creation of the Learning Success Wiki at Hershey Middle School.

Thanks to the guidance and assistance of Karen Fasimpaur of K12 Handhelds and numerous teachers, guidance counselors, and students a wiki has been created as a resource for students, parents, and teachers for developing skills that will help any student learn more efficiently and effectively. The key to the success of this resource is the involvement of all stakeholders in the life of students.
  • Students are involved in the development of the wiki by adding videos that explain specific skills and habits, such as organizing notebooks, prioritizing time, and asking for help.
  • Teachers and other support staff guide the development of the wiki to keep it in line with current research and the District's mission.
  • Parents are needed to ensure that students have access to the wiki and to help guide their child in using the ideas in the wiki to improve their learning skills.
Check out the Learning Success wiki.

I would love to read both positive and constructive feedback, but please remember this is a work in progress and the entire wiki is not complete.